Coming Soon! Friends of the Spring Valley Public Library!

We have some pretty exciting stuff going on at the library! Here is an opportunity for YOU to be a part of one of these exciting things. Currently, we are in the planning stages of building a Friends of the Spring Valley Library group. We need people to let us know if they are interested in helping out with this fun endeavor in ANY WAY at ANY CAPACITY 🙂 This could look like a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, bi-annual, or even once a year involvement. All different levels of commitment from people are necessary to run an efficient, functional and successful group. Even if you just want to find out more about what a Friends Group does for the library, or if you have some great ideas to share, please attend one of our sessions. There are many to chose from!

There is a FB page for the Friends of the Spring Valley Public Library HERE!

A few things to share!

Please stop in the library to see the wonderful works of some local youth in response to the “Dreams for Fillmore County” project! See what they are dreaming for our County as some reach big and some want more simple things.

We also have weekly picture scavenger hunts going on in the library that will take place for the next 7 weeks. There are a handful of Kingsland 3rd grade diorama projects on display to view, too! Lots to see-lots to do!

Also, check out this really cool resource that shows the books checked out in a select number of public libraries in 2023. It’s such a fun way to see the circulation. Click on this link to see the moving charts in action!

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