4H Club Display at Library

2016 4The Bloomfield Cloverleaves 4H Club has set up a wonderful display at the library!  The projects on display are a small reflection of what this group accomplishes throughout the year.  These are OUR local kids and we should be SO PROUD of them!  What the projects themselves don’t show are the services to our community or individuals provided by these youth.  They have provided handmade blankets to a family who suffered a house fire, helped raise money for a park, assisted with food packing for the hungry and Love Lights a Tree, and MANY more activities of service.  Items will be on display until October 21st so please stop by and support our local youth by taking the time to view their work, it is pretty amazing!  There will also be a few Random Acts of Kindness envelopes hidden in the shelves if you are lucky enough to find one.  Thanks to the Bloomfield Cloverleaves!

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