Action 100 Books at the Library-Let Us Help You!

If you want to continue to provide level appropriate Action 100 books at your casual library visits in addition to the wide variety your child already brings home from school, we are able to show you how to do this! We cannot do a catalog search for IRLA Action 100 books, but we can do a search for Accelerated Reader levels, and we have a correlation chart that can transfer the Accelerated Reader level into a Action 100 level. It may sound confusing, but it is really quite simple! The catalog search page can be found under our library page at (right where you are now). On the right hand side under Library Resources click on “Online Catalog.” Once in the catalog you can see under the left column under Homeroom the words “Accelerated Reader.” Click there. Now using the chart below, you can select the range for your child’s Accelerated Reader level BASED on their corresponding IRLA Action 100 level in the same color. For example, if I wanted to find books in a level 2R, you would toggle the buttons to search 2.5 to 2.9. You can then select to search just our library (Spring Valley) or search all libraries in SELCO. The list will tell you if the book is available or not and what the call number is. If you click on the book title you can find out even more information about it. We are just looking to support our school in any way we can! We have paper copies of this at the library if you would like to have one in print.