Rochester Police Dept. K9 Unit Pictures!

What an amazing presentation we had yesterday for our summer reading program! Sergeant Mike Drees, Lieutenant Tom Kaase, and Officer James Bradley all shared with us their time and talents. We were so excited to see how Chase, the police dog helps to keep the officers and us safe. We are so thankful for their service. We are very honored they were willing to come to Spring Valley and spend some time with our youth during the “Paws to Read” program! Enjoy some pictures from the day.
To read more about Sgt. Drees and Chase and click here.
2014-07-23 12.52.27
Lt. Kaase, Sgt. Drees, Officer Bradley

2014-07-23 13.33.25
Sgt. Drees’ vehicle with a special kennel for Chase that keeps cool in hot weather
2014-07-23 13.32.54
Sgt. Drees answering questions
2014-07-23 13.37.57
Lt. Tom Kaase, Sgt. Mike Drees and Chase, Officer James Bradley
2014-07-23 13.29.49
Sgt. Drees giving Chase commands
2014-07-23 13.29.08
Chase biting Lt. Kaase on command as Sgt. Drees walks up to call him off
2014-07-23 13.27.28
Chase carrying his reward toy that he loves more than anything
2014-07-23 13.06.22
Sgt. Drees talking to a very captive audience
2014-07-23 13.26.42
Chase waiting for his next command
2014-07-23 12.55.02
We felt very safe with Ofc. Bradley in the house yesterday! We can’t wait for him to get his new K-9 partner!