Slideshow from Arn Kind-MN in the Great War

This is the first of likely two slideshows that will be posted from the Arn Kind-Minnesota in the Great War program held on November 16th at the SV Community Center.  We had over 80 people in attendance, and through surveys we have had an almost unanimous request to bring him back again.  As Arn and I spoke about at the program, the project was funded by the people of Minnesota through the Arts and Cultural Heritage/Library Legacy Fund in cooperation with SELCO, the regional library system.  The programming supported by this grant is intended to support arts, arts education and arts access, and to preserve Minnesota’s history and cultural heritage.  If you enjoyed the program and would like to continue to have the opportunity to have these programs available please write your local legislators.  Let them know that Legacy funding is needed and that you find value in the programs it allows us to bring to the community.  What a FUN night for all!

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