Spring Cleaning? We Can HELP!

NP Community Bins Reminder…

As you begin to feel warmer breezes and the snow starts to melt, many of you start your  spring cleaning.  Don’t forget that the library is a GREAT place to drop off you used items!  We now have not just one, but two large, green bins in our parking lot for your BAGGED or closed boxed donations.  We receive a percentage of the money raised and are putting it right back into the library for programs and materials.  If you have a very large amount to donate, let us know and we can schedule a pick up at your location!  A reminder is below about what is accepted and what isn’t.  Please remember to bag all items, or put them in small boxes that are closed.  If the bins are full and we are closed, you can place your donations up by the front door of the library.  If we are open, you may bring them inside.

Items that CAN be accepted:

  • Clothing, Jackets, Shoes, Boots, Belt
  • Scarves, Ties, Hats, Caps, Gloves
  • Table Linens, Bedding, Throw Pillows
  • Curtains, Purses, Wallets
  • Luggage, Packs, Jewelry, Eyewear
  • Toys, Sporting Equipment
  • Small Electrical Appliances, Phones
  • Tools, Home & Garden, Auto Devices
  • Camera Equipment, Clocks, Radios
  • Audio, Video, & Gaming Equipment
  • Musical & Performance Equipment
  • Cookware, Dishware, Glassware, Flatware, Food Preparation Utensils
  • Games, Puzzles, Sports equipment
  • Journals, Stationary, Knick-knacks, Collectibles, Craft Supplies & Displays
  • Office & School Supplies
  • Computer Equipment (No Old Monitors)
  • Hardwired Electrical Fixtures, Lamps
  • Wall Hangings, Pictures, Frames, Art
  • Pet Products (Non-Perishable Only)
  • Seasonal Items and Holiday Decorations

Items that CAN NOT be accepted:

  • Furniture, Large Appliances
  • Tube TVs, Books
  • Beds & Frames
  • Gas, Oil, Chemicals
  • Baby Cribs, Baby Baths, Car Seats
  • Dirty/Moldy/Filthy Items
  • Christmas Trees