Thank-You For Support for Summer Reading Program!

The resources and support (both financial and in the amount of time invested) that it takes to run a successful summer reading program for kids is immeasurable. We have such a great community where parents and grandparents, neighbors, and friends bring their kids and also help other kids who are here without an adult. We have a school age childcare program that comes each week to share in the learning and fun. We have a Friends of the Spring Valley Public Library group who volunteers their time to help prepare crafts and wrangle bodies, set up the spaces for presenters, read to kids, and welcome people. (And they could use your help-big or small! Please inquire!)

We also have a community full of businesses and organizations (listed below) who donate incentives and books, activities and treats. WOW. What an investment in our youth! And we have the most important part of the program-the kids. These kids showed up and were intent listeners. For an hour they were dancers and singers and snake holders and artists. They played games and they laughed and they learned about all the different areas of the library while slowly becoming comfortable with the whole building by the end. The kids brought with them a desire to learn and enjoy our library respectfully. And they read-or they had someone read to them either at the library and/or at home. Thank you for reading to these awesome kids, for helping them fill out reading logs, for bringing your kids when it was hot and humid and they were tired. And so were you. Thank you for seeing the value in library programing and spending time at your local library. We hope to see you soon. Come visit! Jenny, Jeanette, & Jenni